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Now available: the debut album of the Rogier Telderman Trio
featuring Guus Bakker & Tuur Moens

Contours rttrio cover
Check them out!
Salt Peanuts, Jan Granlie (NO)

Contours is one of those recordings that pours out the melodies like a heady wine from a bottle that’ll never even come close to reaching empty. Pianist Rogier Telderman leads a trio that keeps every glass full... A seriously enchanting album."
Bird Is The Worm, Dave Sumner (US)

An album notable for its varied musical and emotional range as well as for its excellent musicianship.
AllAboutJazz, Bruce Lindsay (US)  9/10

Telderman is a gifted pianist and composer, with a good ear for melody.
This band has crossover appeal beyond jazz enthusiasts, and could go far.

KindofJazz, Matthew Ruddick (UK)  10/10

Contours is the perfect start to an undescribed new year where everything seems possible.
Fairaudio, Victoriah Smirzai (DE)

A gripping personal quality who grasps its listener from the very first notes.
Jazzenzo, Mathilde Löffler (NL)

Contours is a fantastic debut!
Maxazine, Serge Julien (NL)  10/10

A very good debut from a very promising trio. One to look out for.
UKVibe, Mike Gates (UK)

Die Musik füllt umangestrengt den Raum, wobei das Schlagzeug im Hintergrund leicht nach links, das Piano vorne leicht rechts platziert ist. Das Abbild ist so gelungen, dass die Band in einem mittelgroßen Hörraum zum Greifen nah zu sein scheint. Zu der schon tollen Musik ist das ein weiteres Plus des Debut-Albums des niederländischen Trios.
HighResMac, Tom Semmler (DE)

One of my top jazz discoveries of the year. Innovative, gorgeous stuff.
Radiohost, Craig Havighurst (US)

The Rogier Telderman Trio could become a huge crossover band.
Essentially that melodic centre has the potential to win over hearts and minds.

SandyBrownJazz, Steve Day (UK)