Telderman is one of Europe's major new jazz musicians. He is able to blend together influences from jazz, classical, and pop in a completely original way, thus creating a unique personal style. This can be heard clearly on his highly acclaimed debut album Contours (2015). Pianist Telderman is particularly well known for his beautiful melody lines and the emotional depth of his music. Moreover, his playing is warm, lyrical, technically sublime and dares to seek contact with the audience during concerts.”

North Sea Jazz


Rogier Telderman - piano
Adam Bałdych (PL) - violin
Vincent Courtois (FR) - cello

debut expected fall 2020


Rogier Telderman - piano solo

Sharing a collection of musical miniatures, each grasping a different mood or emotion, in a personal intimate setting


Rogier Telderman - piano / compositions
Guus Bakker - double bass
Tuur Moens - drums / percussion

released works
Contours (2015)